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  • Are the candles vegan?
    All VCandles candles are vegan and therefore animal-friendly. We think this is the most important thing about a candle, that it is fair in every way.
  • Where does the laundry come from?
    The soy wax and coconut wax come from Europe and are produced in a sustainable way. Our suppliers take into account the environment, soil and water recycling and the human rights of their employees.
  • Are the jars recyclable?
    Yes, of course! We are proud of that too! We are a strong supporter of environmental friendliness and use pots that you can recycle. In addition, the wax we use is easy to wash, so that the pot looks like new again. You can then use the pot for pens, plants and much more. Found a nice way to reuse the pot? Then share this on social media with the #VCandles tag!
  • My candle is not burning properly, is there something wrong with it?
    Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the candle, but as all our candles are handmade, we cannot test them before shipping. Do you think the fuse is too short? That the candle does not burn nicely or that there is something else wrong with the product? Then we would like to hear this. Send us an email with a photo. We are happy to solve it with you, so that you can enjoy VCandles candles again soon.
  • What is an ecological fuse?
    An ecological wick is a candle wick that consists exclusively of ecological cotton. Cotton is a raw material with a major ecological impact, because of the harmful chemical pesticides that are used to grow it. The big difference between organic and conventional cotton cultivation is the use of natural and environmentally friendly control and cultivation methods. That is why we have chosen to provide the candles with ecological cotton wicks.
  • Which postal company is used to process my order?
    VCandles works together with PostNL and trusts that they will ensure that the package is delivered to you.
  • My order is a gift, can you wrap it?
    Yes, we are happy to do that. Let us know in the comments at checkout. Then we provide a beautiful packaging and, if desired, a card. The invoice? Don't worry, it's not included. Only you will receive it in your mailbox
  • When do I receive my order?
    We will send your package to you as soon as possible. You will receive your package within one to three working days after the day of your order.
  • Can I track my order?
    As soon as we have shipped your order and it is ready for shipment at PostNL, you will receive a shipping confirmation in your mailbox with a Track & Trace code. Please also check your spam. Didn't receive anything? Then we would like to know!
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