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Fragrance sticks from VCandles

Bring a great experience into your home with our fragrance sticks. With the aroma of fragrant plants, woods and fruits, the fragrance sticks bring continuous peace and warmth, in any room. Create your favorite atmosphere to suit any mood or occasion.  Do you combine the fragrance sticks with the other products from the same fragrance line? Then you know for sure that it smells good everywhere. In addition to fragrance sticks, ourscented candles namely also for a special experience. 

All fragrance sticks are handmade

We think it is important to express the love for people and animals with our fragrance sticks. That's why all fragrance sticks are mixed and donated by hand, so that we can be sure that it also radiates our love. This also gives us the space to combine scents with each other, resulting in a wonderful scent experience. In addition, the fragrance sticks consist exclusively of essential oils, which means that the scent is 100% natural. 

Fragrance sticks but environmentally friendly

All fragrance sticks are poured into recyclable glass jars. Our jars give a nice elegant finish, but they are also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, demineralized water, also known as pure water, is used during the casting process. Unlike distilled water, much less power is consumed during the production process of demineralized water. Another feature that makes our fragrance sticks more environmentally friendly.

The best fragrance sticks online

What is more wonderful than coming home to a nice smelling house? You can easily achieve this with the VCandles fragrance sticks. In addition, the fragrance sticks are also easy to use. We develop them in a way that best suits the diffusion of the fragrance. Don't want to wait any longer? Order your favorite fragrance sticks right now and enjoy fast home delivery. 

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