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vegan candles from VCandles

Create the atmosphere you want in every room with our vegan candles. Whether you are looking for a great addition to your living room or a cozy look for your bedroom, you will always find a candle to match the interior when you order from VCandles. All vegan candles are made from 90% soy wax and 10% coconut wax, which ensures that the vegan candle burns 30% longer. We only use eco-cotton wicks, because we also want to take the environment into account and it also gives off a better atmosphere flame.

All vegan candles are handmade

Do you want a fashionable room? Our beautiful vegan candles make it easy for you. Get inspired by browsing our online store. You will see for yourself that there are many vegan candles to choose from. These nice atmosphere products turn every room into a cozy environment. Add atmosphere by placing vegan candles. With our vegan candles you can enjoy a long burning time and a nice calm appearance, because they are all handmade with love.

vegan candles but sustainable

The vegan candles are poured into beautifully elegant jars that are fully recyclable. The lid is made of bamboo or aluminum, which gives a beautiful and stylish finish. The product packaging is made of recyclable materials and your order also comes in a box made of recyclable cardboard. The VCandles logo is placed with water-based ink, so no animal or environmentally unfriendly by-products are used here either. That's why VCandles vegan candles are a completely vegan and eco-conscious experience.

The best vegan candles online

Our vegan candles spread a wonderful atmosphere and a cozy crackling sound for hours. If you buy a vegan candle, you naturally want to enjoy it as long as possible, but how do you actually do that? You do this by letting your vegan candle burn for at least two hours when you light it for the first time. This will melt the first layer, so that your vegan candle burns evenly. Do you want to know more? Check out our tips on candle care.

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