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Vegan Scented Candles from VCandles

Enrich your home with our vegan scented candles and enjoy the crackling flames and the wonderful scents that we have put together especially for you. Due to the excellent combination of 90% soy wax and 10% coconut wax, the candle burns 30% longer. This combination also ensures that the scent spreads over a larger area.

The vegan scented candles are handmade

All our vegan scented candles are made and designed by hand. We do this because we think it is important that our vegan candles are ethically responsible. Only then can we truly express our love for humans and animals. The fragrance compositions? We also invent these ourselves. Order a vegan scented candle now and enjoy the wonderful natural scents that we have created especially for you.

Vegan Scented Candles as a present

Vegan scented candles not only smell good, they also look nice. Give a special experience as a gift and surprise someone with a beautiful vegan scented candle. All our vegan candles are poured into a recyclable glass or aluminum jar, making them fashionable decorations that fit anywhere in the home. This makes it an ideal gift for a special occasion, but also when there is no special reason. 

The best vegan scented candles online

Need a relaxing moment? Or do you prefer an energetic boost? Whatever it is, seize that moment and surround yourself with delicious vegan scented candles for atmospheric flames that contribute to the moment you want to create. We realize that scents have a major impact on our daily lives. Specific scents can evoke emotions, feelings and memories. We always take this into account when developing a vegan scented candle.

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